The Gateway to Africa's Startup Ecosystem
The Gateway to Africa's Startup Ecosystem


Welcome to, your gateway to a vibrant and highly curated community dedicated to fostering a thriving startup ecosystem across Africa. Founded in 2021 by Kessiena Majemite, Managing Partner of CEEDCAP, was established to address the challenges faced by early-stage startups in accessing crucial resources like funding, talent, mentorship, and timely support.

Our Mission

At, our mission is clear: to create an enabling platform that supports startup growth and success while advocating for policies and regulations that foster innovation and digital transformation across the continent. We bring together startup founders, investors, industry experts, and organizations committed to driving the next wave of innovation in Africa.

What We Do

  • Amplifying Innovation: Through compelling storytelling and in-depth features, amplifies the voices and achievements of African tech startups, showcasing their groundbreaking solutions and contributions to industry.

  • Connecting Stakeholders: serves as a hub for connecting entrepreneurs with investors, mentors, and strategic partners essential for their success.


  • Promoting Innovation: We actively promote and showcase the innovative solutions and technologies emerging from the African startup ecosystem.

Our Commitment

Since inception, has played a pivotal role in supporting the development of African startups. Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, we continue to build a stronger, more connected startup ecosystem in Africa.

Join us at and be part of the movement driving innovation, growth, and success across the African continent.