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12 North-African Logistics Startups Streamlining Supply Chains To Watch

North Africa is a region with a rapidly growing economy and a young, tech-savvy population. This has created a fertile ground for startups in the logistics sector, which are using technology to streamline supply chains and make it easier for businesses to get their goods to market.

In this blog post, we will take a look at 12 North-African logistics startups that are making a difference. These startups are using a variety of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency in the supply chain.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Freterium is a leading technology company redefining logistics and supply chain operations in Africa. The company develops solutions to enable businesses to optimize their logistics operations and improve supply chain efficiency. 

Freterium operates a Next-gen cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) solution designed to help businesses of all sizes to streamline their logistics operations. The intuitive platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools, ranging from real-time tracking and route optimization to freight auditing and analytics. 

Freterium’s services make it stand out as a reliable and agile partner, ensuring businesses stay competitive in today’s fast-paced global marketplace.

Freterium is committed to making a positive impact on the community and the environment. Its TMS solution contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and overall carbon footprint by optimizing transportation routes and minimizing empty miles. The increased efficiency in logistics operations also translates to fewer vehicles on the road, leading to less traffic congestion and improved air quality in urban areas.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Al Jizah, Egypt

ILLA is an innovative logistics technology company redefining middle-mile goods delivery for FMCG brands in MENA. The company offers supply chain management solutions specifically tailored to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies helping them plan and execute deliveries speedily.

ILLA’s comprehensive supply chain solution is facilitated through its end-to-end delivery management infrastructure. The platform digitizes every aspect of the delivery process, starting from order intake and route planning to real-time tracking and delivery confirmation. 

The system also features advanced analytics functionalities, which provide data-driven insights for users. That way, it helps clients to identify inefficiencies, reduce delivery lead times, and optimize resource allocation.

ILLA’s product empowers FMCG companies to focus on scaling their operations and expanding their market presence by simplifying and streamlining their delivery logistics. Thanks to its innovative solutions, businesses can experience faster order fulfillment, fewer errors, and improved customer satisfaction.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Naqla is a revolutionary logistics company redefining trucking services and cargo operations in MENA. The company provides comprehensive shipping management services for cargo owners by connecting them with individual truck owners to help them facilitate their deliveries.

Naqla’s unique value is its innovative approach to the trucking logistics industry. It operates a digital logistics platform which links truck owners and cargo companies for collaborations. Cargo companies post their shipment requirements on the platform and get matched with appropriate trucking services for their needs.

In addition, the startup also handles the entire shipment management process for cargo owners. That includes coordinating pick-up and delivery schedules, managing payments, and ensuring proper documentation. 

Naqla plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the transportation industry. It fosters healthy competition and fair pricing, benefiting businesses of all sizes, including small trucking companies, through its marketplace platform.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Cairo, Egypt

ShipBlu is a leading technology company revolutionizing last-mile e-commerce delivery and order fulfillment in MENA. The company provides top-tier logistics solutions for online retail and ecommerce companies, helping them provide satisfactory customer delivery. 

ShipBlu’s services revolve around last-mile e-commerce delivery and order fulfillment. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, ShipBlu optimizes its operations with digital tools to offer the best to its clients. E-commerce companies partnering with ShipBlu benefit from a wide range of services, including fast and accurate order processing, efficient inventory management, and real-time GPS-based tracking of shipments.

ShipBlue contributes to the growth and sustainability of MENA’s e-commerce ecosystem. By efficiently managing last-mile deliveries, ShipBlu reduces delivery delays and enhances customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and trust among consumers, which translates into increased patronage.

Year Founded: 2022

Location: Oudja, Morocco is a pioneering logistics company revolutionizing parcel delivery across MENA and Europe. The startup provides affordable advanced delivery and order tracking services, improving customers’ access to benefits that were initially only accessible with giant express transport companies whose services are usually expensive.

The company operates a user-friendly digital platform that simplifies the logistics experience for clients. The platform aggregates information from various express transportation providers, enabling users to swiftly compare prices and delivery options. In addition, the solution includes advanced tracking functionalities, such as GPS Location and SMS tracking for package owners.’s solutions foster greater accessibility and convenience in logistics services. As such, the company plays a crucial role in enhancing the logistics landscape in MENA, positively impacting customers and the wider community.

Mylerz Co

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Mylerz is an integrated e-commerce last-mile delivery and fulfillment company. The startup provides comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions for its customers, covering every step of its supply chain operations. 

Mylerz Co’s primary offerings revolve around its integrated logistics services, which customers can access through its digital platform. The company’s last-mile delivery solutions ensure that e-commerce companies can efficiently deliver packages to their customers’ doorsteps, meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced online shopping landscape.

Mylerz’s integrated logistics approach streamlines operations, reduces complexities, and enhances overall efficiency for its clients. As a result, it encourages its partner businesses to focus on growth and innovation in their respective industries without worrying about logistics and delivery needs. 

Sprint Logistics

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Sprint Logistics is a technology-enabled e-commerce delivery service provider leveraging advanced technology to offer innovative last-mile delivery solutions for online retailers.

The company integrates cutting-edge software and logistics expertise, enabling clients to optimize their eCommerce order fulfillment processes. It operates a consolidated platform that streamlines order fulfillment, inventory management, and last-mile delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness for its clients.

Sprint Logistics also extends its positive impact to the community. By providing efficient logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses, the company fosters economic growth and job creation within the e-commerce sector. The seamless and timely delivery of goods helps boost online sales, supporting the development of local businesses and entrepreneurs.


Year Founded: 2016 

Location: Cairo, Egypt

R2S Logistics is a trailblazing last-mile delivery company offering cutting-edge fulfillment and transportation logistics solutions to both e-commerce and traditional businesses. The startup integrates innovative technology with its logistics expertise to provide clients with top-tier services that drive customer satisfaction and business success.

R2S Logistics specializes in last-mile delivery solutions. The company’s efficient and reliable transportation network enables e-commerce and traditional businesses to deliver products swiftly to their customer’s doorsteps. R2S also offers advanced tracking systems and real-time updates, providing customers with visibility and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

R2S Logistics supports the growth and expansion of e-commerce businesses in Egypt by providing top-notch fulfillment and transportation logistics solutions. Its efficient last-mile delivery services enable enterprises to scale their operations and cater to a broader customer base, contributing to economic development and job creation.


Year Founded: 2022

Location: Algiers, Algeria

GroDesto is a pioneering logistics service provider redefining wholesale consumer products sales and distribution services. The company offers a seamless and robust connectivity solution that revolutionizes how businesses conduct wholesale purchase delivery.

GroDesto operates a digital infrastructure which serves as a one-stop solution, providing wholesalers with the necessary tools to connect with retailers, manage their inventory and optimize their operations for maximum profitability. The platform also features advertising tools, data analytics and customer support, all of which are features that help to maximize operations.

GroDesto’s impact extends beyond its business operations to the community. The company streamlines wholesale transactions and facilitates economic growth by supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in the consumer products sector. In addition, it empowers businesses to make informed decisions that lead to more sustainable practices, such as reducing waste and optimizing inventory management, thus fostering sustainability.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Roboost is an innovative IT solutions company redefining home deliveries in Egypt through automation solutions. The company aims to simplify delivery operations for online retailers and e-commerce businesses using advanced digital technology.

Roboost has developed an automated delivery management solution incorporating artificial intelligence for ecommerce businesses. The system helps to streamline delivery processes such as route planning, resource allocation, and real-time tracking. Roboost’s solution ensures faster and more accurate delivery operations by eliminating manual decision-making and leveraging data-driven insights.

Roboost empowers companies in the delivery sector to grow and expand by supporting them with advanced AI technology. Thus, it contributes to increased operational efficiency, job creation and economic development in the sector. Through its innovative solution, Reboost showcases the potential of AI-powered solutions to impact the logistics industry positively.


Year Founded: 2015

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Cathedis is an e-logistics company revolutionizing ecommerce order fulfillment and delivery operations through advanced digital solutions. The startup offers warehousing and delivery services tailored to meet the needs of local e-commerce stores.

Cathedis operates a cloud-based warehousing and delivery system. Through the platform, it enables e-commerce merchants to efficiently manage their inventory, reduce storage costs and optimize order fulfillment. It also provides same-day delivery, catering to customers’ demands for speedy and convenient shipping options. Its other offerings include support for on-delivery payment and real-time tracking measures.

Cathedis’ community impact lies in its contribution to the growth and success of local e-commerce businesses. By providing cloud-based logistics solutions, the company helps smaller e-commerce stores compete effectively in the market with larger players.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Votrecolis is a logistics company facilitating delivery operations for e-commerce businesses in MENA. The company aims to help online retailers improve customers’ experience by giving them the tools to deliver orders on time, in good condition and at the buyer’s convenience.

Votrecolis primarily provides order fulfilment services for e-commerce merchants. It has a team of logistics and delivery experts who facilitate speedy package delivery, getting items from the merchant to the buyers in due time. These services are accessible via the company’s digital platform.

Votrecolis’s solution exemplifies how technology-driven logistics services can positively impact businesses and the communities they serve. It gives clients access to a comprehensive network of couriers in Morocco, helping companies to ensure the success of their sales processes.

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