12 West African Startup Companies Redefining Ecommerce and Online Retail to Watch

West Africa has always been at the forefront of innovative technology advancement. The region is home to several startups revolutionizing systems and processes with ingenuity and amazing designs.

In recent years, the West African startup ecosystem has witnessed a surge of innovative companies redefining the landscape of e-commerce and online retail. From revolutionizing payment solutions to enhancing logistics and customer experiences, each company brings its distinct value proposition to the table.

With a focus on leveraging technology and addressing unique market challenges, these 12 pioneering startups are making waves in the region and beyond.


Year Founded: 2021:

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Bumpa is a digital commerce enabler redefining retailing services for Africans. The company gives business owners all the tools to establish and manage their enterprises online, helping them maximize the advantages of digital commerce for their ventures.

Bumpa operates a consolidated digital infrastructure through which businesses can set up and manage operations across multiple platforms. The Bumpa app lets clients create a website for their business, display products and receive payment, record sales, issue receipts and invoices, and manage orders.

Bumpa’s solution simplifies the process of creating a store, managing orders, and selling a wide array of products and services for retailers. Thus, the company empowers sellers to thrive in the competitive online marketplace. Its commitment to providing a seamless e-commerce experience has helped it to gain widespread acceptance and become a go-to platform for retailers seeking to harness the power of online retail.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Omnibiz is a leading B2B e-commerce company supporting the growth of retail businesses through its end-to-end digital solution. The startup enables businesses to achieve greater efficiency by streamlining supply chain activities.

Omnibiz operates a digital infrastructure where it aggregates and connects various players in the retail ecosystem. Its platform acts as a central hub for manufacturers, distributors, logistics partners, and retailers to collaborate seamlessly, facilitating smooth transactions and fostering a thriving business environment.

Through its comprehensive suite of tools and services, Omnibiz is simplifying retail processes, particularly in inventory supply and management for businesses and bulk-buying consumers. Omnibiz currently serves over 90,000 retailers with a vast range of products, spanning more than 500 items. As a result, Omnibiz Africa has significantly impacted the growth and success of businesses across Nigeria.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Simpu is an innovative B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup revolutionizing communication and customer engagement for online retail businesses. The company offers cutting-edge solutions that empower brands to deliver exceptional services and customer engagement experiences.

Simple operates a no-code B2B SaaS platform that gives online retail businesses the tools they need to streamline their customer engagement efforts. Its omnichannel solution contains APIs, chatbots, and other functionalities that enable brands to communicate effectively with their customers across various channels, including email, SMS, web chat, social media, and more. 

Simpu’s solutions empower brands to deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences for their customers effortlessly. Its integrated approach ensures consistency and continuity in interactions, fostering stronger relationships and brand loyalty. Through its operations, Simpu contributes significantly to increased customer engagement practices for retail and ecommerce businesses.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Afrikamart is a pan-African B2B ecommerce company transforming agricultural products trade in Africa. The startup aims to bridge the gap between retailers and farmers across Africa. Thus it operates a specialized digital marketplace for businesses in the agricultural value chain to connect, trade, and thrive.

Afrikamart’s vibrant marketplace brings together a diverse community of farm product suppliers, processors, distributors, and retailers, creating a dynamic ecosystem for trade. Farmers can showcase their products, reach new markets, and discover valuable partnerships through the platform’s user-friendly interface.

Afrikamart fosters economic growth and food security in Africa through its activities that promote farm produce supply. Its digital marketplace catalyzes the digital transformation of the African agricultural supply chain. By embracing technology, the company is improving traditional trade processes, eliminating barriers to entry, and enhancing efficiency for players in the agricultural value chain.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Eze is an innovative B2B e-commerce company improving electronics and gadgets supply in Africa. The startup aims to enable Africans easily access their dream gadgets and electronics affordably. The company serves as a bridge between retailers in Africa and official brand stores/manufacturers of electronic products overseas.

Eze operates a wholesale ecommerce marketplace, Ezewholesale: where it brings together a diverse network of electronics suppliers and buyers, the platform serves as a one-stop-shop where businesses can easily source their electronics inventory.

Eze is committed to empowering small and medium wholesalers/retailers. Its platform provides a level playing field for businesses of all sizes, allowing smaller wholesalers to compete effectively with larger players.

Eze connects businesses, simplifies transactions, and empowers SME wholesalers to thrive in competitive markets by providing a centralized and efficient marketplace.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Dakar

Maad is a digital commerce company redefining wholesale and retail operations in West Africa. The company addresses the challenges of fragmented retail supply chains by digitizing logistics operations and establishing a direct connection between retailers and manufacturers.

Maad operates a digital infrastructure that facilitates order delivery for digital retailers. Its proprietary software also serves as a modular online data collection and analysis platform for field operations. Hence, it offers functionalities such as data verification, performance tracking, and report automation, facilitating informed decision-making across the organization. 

Maad gives its clients the benefit of free same-day delivery and more competitive pricing than traditional neighborhood wholesalers.

Maad’s digital platform simplifies operations for online wholesalers and retailers, giving them the tools to function effectively and serve their customers better.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Jendaya is an innovative e-commerce company redefining the luxury fashion shopping experience. Specializing in curating and selling luxury fashion items from around the globe, Jendaya offers unique value by targeting African consumers while simultaneously showcasing African brands to the rest of the world.

Jendaya operates a digital marketplace where it promotes African luxury brands and designers on a global stage. The platform also serves as a space that celebrates cultural heritage and fashion innovation.

Through its culture-centric approach, Jendaya strengthens the ties between consumers and designers, enriching the shopping experience with stories and narratives that go beyond mere products.

Jendaya is more than just an e-commerce company; it is a catalyst for global fashion exploration and cultural appreciation. By offering luxury fashion items from around the world and spotlighting African brands, Jendaya bridges gaps and fosters connections between consumers and designers.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Topship is a shipping company facilitating seamless order delivery for online retailers and ecommerce businesses. The company aims to bring hassle-free international and local shipping solutions for businesses, helping them secure their inventories and deliver orders to customers easily.

Topship operates a digital platform for facilitating shipping operations for customers. It aims to help businesses secure their inventories and manage the logistical complexities of order fulfillment. With a robust and efficient shipping network, the company ensures that products are handled with care and delivered promptly.

Topship plays a crucial role in simplifying the shipping process for e-commerce businesses. By taking care of the logistical intricacies, it enables ecommerce and retail businesses to focus on core operations and customer service.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Accra, Ghana

Tendo is an ecommerce enabler creating solutions for digital commerce and online retailing service providers. The company aims to bridge the gap between independent resellers and retailers, empowering individuals to start their online ventures without needing any upfront capital investment or owning a shop.

The company operates a digital infrastructure that enables small businesses to connect with individuals and operate an affiliate marketing model. Tendo curates a catalog of products across multiple categories for resellers. Once the resellers/affiliate marketers decide which products they prefer, Tendo supplies them with the digital marketing resources they need to sell the product. Resellers can sell the product at any price of their choice. 

When the resellers make sales, Tendo handles the rest of the procedure, i.e., order processing and delivery, subtracting the item’s original cost, and depositing the profit to the resellers’ account.

Tendo goes above and beyond to support social commerce entrepreneurs throughout their journey. The company’s platform significantly eases setup and operating costs by taking care of crucial backend functions. By connecting resellers to businesses and eliminating the need for upfront capital investment, Tendo creates a level playing field for aspiring online business owners.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

CDcare is an innovative e-commerce company improving consumers’ access to high-quality, affordable products. The startup provides solutions that enable consumers to purchase products at their convenience.

CDcare operates a digital store where consumers can easily access a wide range of product options, from gadgets to home appliances to vehicles and even real estate. But the company’s unique value proposition is its flexible payment options. CDcare allows customers to purchase their desired products at regular market prices while enjoying the convenience of paying in installments without incurring interest rate charges.

Through its “Buy Now, Pay Small Small” model, the company makes high-quality products more accessible and affordable for a broader audience. It removes financial barriers that may prevent some individuals from acquiring the items they need.

CDcare’s approach to providing interest-free installment plans fosters economic growth and inclusion. By making products more affordable, it stimulates consumer spending, supporting e-commerce growth.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Nigeria

Klasha is a cutting-edge technology company facilitating cross-border African payments for e-commerce businesses and international organizations. The startup aims to bridge the gap between international retailers and African consumers by making it easier for buyers to pay and sellers to receive money for goods.

Klasha operates a robust online payment gateway software that seamlessly integrates with e-commerce websites, allowing businesses to accept online payments in African currencies. The software helps enterprises and ecommerce operators to manage payables and receivables in one place.

Klasha’s impact goes beyond facilitating cross-border payments; it drives inclusive trade between international companies and African consumers. By providing a robust payment infrastructure that supports African currencies, Klasha removes barriers and complexities, making it easier for businesses to transact with consumers across the continent. This inclusive approach fosters economic growth, enhances consumer access to global products, and contributes to a more interconnected global market.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

SendBox is an innovative technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce and logistics solutions. It empowers businesses and individuals with seamless and efficient shipping services to simplify order delivery and enhance customer experiences.

SendBox provides a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to seamlessly manage their online stores, from inventory management to order fulfillment. SendBox’s primary services encompass a wide range of shipping solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. These include last-mile delivery, international shipping, and cross-border logistics.

With a focus on simplifying processes, providing a wide range of shipping services, and fostering e-commerce growth, SendBox contributes to developing thriving communities. The company also contributes to the development of the e-commerce sector, enabling businesses to reach wider audiences and expand their market presence.

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