12 Edtech Startups Revolutionizing Education and Skill Development in West Africa to Watch

Africa has recently experienced a surge in the adoption of online and remote learning. More people are ditching the traditional classroom education setting in favor of the more convenient remote and virtual learning options. 

In addition, several innovative Edtech solutions are emerging to address the educational quality gap in most African regions and increase access to high-level learning resources. In essence, the Edtech startups emerging in Africa are transforming the educational sector on the continent for good.

In this listicle, we’ve identified 12 of the Edtech startups that are contributing to the educational revolution in West Africa. These companies are deploying solutions that simplify learning for students across all levels, provide quality educational resources for tutors, and even help employees acquire skills to develop their careers 


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

uLesson is an Edtech startup championing online and remote learning adoption in West Africa. The company integrates technological innovation into academic systems to make learning convenient, affordable and more accessible for African students.

uLesson operates an advanced Edtech platform which hosts a diverse range of subjects, test preparation materials, and skill development courses for primary and secondary school students. The platform is a store of countless expertly curated video lessons, quizzes, and interactive assessments designed to adequately prepare students for the next level of their education.

uLesson is committed to providing high-quality, accessible, and affordable education to students across Africa. Harnessing technology, the company is helping students to improve and better prepare for their futures.


Year Founded: 2014

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Tuteria is an innovative Edtech company revolutionizing access to personalized learning and skill development for Africans. The startup creates technology-backed solutions that streamline knowledge sharing and learning for people looking to learn.

Tuteria operates a digital platform that hosts several educational services, including home tutoring, preparatory classes for exams, homeschooling and many others that it offers to clients. The company also uses a peer-to-peer learning model, connecting students with expert tutors for one-on-one or group lessons, both online and in person.

Tuteria has shown a commitment to improving learning for students by helping them find and connect with the perfect learning system for their specific needs. Through its innovative approach, the startup ensures a tailored and practical educational experience, helping students learn better than they would in a traditional classroom.

AltSchool Africa

Year Founded: 2021

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

AltSchool Africa is an innovative educational technology company that is revolutionizing skill and capacity development for young Africans. The startup designs and operates virtual learning modules that leverage individualized learning to help students and career professionals easily acquire their desired technical skills.

AltSchool Africa offers a comprehensive suite of educational tools and services, including a learning platform that offers various technical skill development resources. The platform enables individuals to learn different in-demand skills, particularly in the tech and development fields.

AltSchool Africa’s solution is redefining personalized learning for students and individuals seeking to gain career skills. More importantly, the company makes it easier for Africans to acquire competencies in various tech-related industries. The company is fostering a brighter technological future for Africa through its offerings.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Codepym is a dynamic and forward-thinking Edtech company fostering education and skill development in West Africa. The company provides advanced resources and tools to simplify school activities and give the best learning experience to students.

Codepym offers comprehensive school solutions, ranging from administration and teaching tools for educators to immersive learning systems for students. Codepym’s platform provides a user-friendly and interactive teaching and learning experience, incorporating challenges, hands-on projects, and real-world applications to reinforce learning. 

Codepym is committed to delivering high-quality systems and resources that improve educators’ efficiency and help students learn effectively. Codepym’s solutions are improving processes for schools, helping them achieve better results. As such, Codepym has become a driving force contributing to the growth of tech-enabled education in West Africa.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Nigeria

Edukoya is a visionary Edtech startup redefining online learning in West Africa. Edukoya employs an innovative learning model which combines cutting-edge technology with expertly curated and personalized content to create an engaging and effective educational platform.

Edukoya’s primary products encompass various courses and learning resources, covering diverse subjects from academic disciplines to vocational skills. The company operates a digital learning platform incorporating AI and machine learning functionalities to personalize course modules for students.

Founded to bridge the gap in access to quality education, Edukoya is breaking down barriers and making high-quality education accessible to students in remote areas and underserved communities. Furthermore, Edukoya’s emphasis on affordability has made it a game-changer for students seeking affordable education options, again contributing to increased access to quality learning.


Year Founded: 2015

Location: Accra, Ghana

eCampus is an innovative educational technology company redefining online learning for secondary school and higher-level students in West Africa. The startup offers a wide array of educational tools that improve access to quality educational content for users.

eCampus operates a  robust online learning platform with a vast library of courses spanning various subjects, skill levels, and formats. The company’s offerings include higher education courses, professional development programs, and vocational training. Essentially, the infrastructure serves as a one-stop destination for learners seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

eCampus is committed to increasing accessibility to quality education, promoting digital literacy and enabling lifelong learning for individuals. The company is helping students acquire new skills and knowledge, thereby improving their employability and quality of life. 


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

ScholarX is an innovative Edtech startup transforming access to education and learning services for Africans. The company gives deserving students and learners access to high-quality, affordable education through funding and scholarship opportunities.

ScholarX operates a digital platform that connects students with scholarship opportunities and financial aid. The platform aggregates scholarship offers from various sources, both local and international. Students can easily search for scholarships that match their academic interests, qualifications, and financial needs.

ScholarX is addressing the critical issue of affordability in education. Over the years, the company has helped countless students secure academic funding. This, in turn, has expanded access to higher education and improved the prospects of students who may have otherwise been unable to pursue their educational goals.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Gradely is an innovative Edtech startup that is improving the quality of education in West Africa and beyond. The company is revolutionizing tutoring and student progress monitoring using digital technology and a specially curated suite of tools.

Gradely operates an AI-powered teaching, assessment and feedback platform that allows educators to teach and grade students more efficiently. Through the platform, teachers can administer lessons from anywhere, create assessments in minutes and monitor students’ progress on the go. The platform also uses advanced algorithms to analyze student performance data and provide actionable insights for teachers.

Gradely’s solution assists tutors to be more effective in teaching and grading their students. Its insights enable teachers to identify areas where students may be struggling and customize their teaching strategies accordingly. By promoting evidence-based teaching practices in education, Gradely is improving learning outcomes for students.


Year Founded: 2014

Location: Accra, Ghana

Nikasemo is an Edtech company dedicated to improving learning outcomes for African educators and students. The startup develops software and hardware solutions that enhance teaching and learning experiences for users,

Nikasemo’s offerings include innovative educational solutions: Nikasemo Learn, Asixta, Edlege, Nikasemo Numeracy, and Nikasemo Notes. Each of these services caters to the diverse needs of African students and teachers, ultimately improving outcomes on both the teaching and learning sides. 

Nikasemo is committed to addressing the unique needs of African educators and learners. As a result, it is having a significant impact on the West African education landscape, ultimately contributing to improved learning outcomes and educational equity in the region.


Year Founded: 2014

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Stutern is a pioneering company redefining career development for graduates and professionals in Africa. The company provides solutions to equip young professionals with the skills, experience, and resources they need to kickstart their careers successfully.

Stutern offers internship placement services, skill development programs, and career readiness resources to individuals. It also provides online courses and training programs that equip individuals with in-demand skills to prepare them for the job market. 

Stutern is focused on enabling African youths to secure meaningful employment opportunities and pursue fulfilling career paths. Thus, it provides access to valuable internships and skill-building opportunities. The company has empowered countless young individuals to transition from education to employment seamlessly through its offerings. 


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Teesas is an innovative EdTech startup with a mission to revolutionize education in Africa. The company provides high-quality educational content in local and national languages, thereby delivering accessible and culturally relevant learning materials to students across the continent.

Teesas operates an educational app which offers a wide range of video tutorials covering various subjects and topics. These tutorials are carefully curated and delivered by professional educators who understand the specific needs of African students.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility in academic systems, Teesas provides content in local languages alongside English, thereby ensuring that students can access educational materials in a language they are most comfortable with. The company is helping students grasp foundational concepts more effectively through its innovative approach. As a result, Teesas is contributing to the overall improvement of educational standards in Africa.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Tema, Ghana

SPiiKA is an innovative EdTech startup promoting foreign and African language acquisition for Africans within and outside the continent. The company aims to enable Africans to develop their multilingual capacities by giving them avenues to learn the languages of their choice conveniently.

SPiiKA operates a language learning platform which connects individuals to experienced language tutors. Through this platform, users can access one-on-one sessions with dedicated language tutors. This company offers a wide range of language options, allowing learners to choose as many languages they wish to acquire or improve upon. 

By providing a platform that connects learners with skilled language tutors, SPiiKA has made language learning more accessible, convenient and result-oriented. This not only promotes cultural exchange and communication but also opens up new opportunities for individuals in both their personal and professional lives.

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