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12 Agtech Startups Redefining Agricultural Systems and Food Distribution in West Africa to Watch

The Western region has arguably the largest agricultural industry in Africa. The region is blessed with a large expanse of arable land, rainforests, and a climate that encourages large-scale agriculture. Hence, it is one of the biggest food producers in the world.

Additionally, the region is also the birthplace of several trailblazing technology startups. Hence it’s not surprising that agricultural technology solutions are blossoming in this part of the African continent.

Here, we’ve identified 12 ag-tech startup companies leading the charge in farming practices and food distribution revolution in West Africa. 


Year Founded: 2017

Location: Uyo, Nigeria

Releaf is a pioneering agricultural technology company catalyzing significant changes in the Nigerian agriculture sector. The company is ushering in a new age of ag-tech systems by bridging the gap between technology and agriculture, empowering farmers, and positively transforming communities. 

Releaf operates a user-friendly mobile application that equips farmers with real-time information, expert advice, and market insights. The app enables farmers to access crucial data on weather patterns, soil health, and crop management practices. Additionally, the platform serves as a direct connection channel for farmers and buyers.

On a mission to build climate-adaptive supply chains in Africa, Releaf has established itself as a game-changer in the industry through its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. The company also plays a crucial role in natural resource conservation and mitigating the impact of agriculture on the environment. It advocates for sustainable agricultural practices, encouraging farmers to adopt eco-friendly methods that promote biodiversity.


Year Founded: 2013

Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Farmerline is a leading ag-tech company revolutionizing the African agricultural value chain through digital solutions. The startup develops solutions to empower small-scale farmers with premium information, technology, and access to markets.

Farmerline’s core offering is its digital platform that provides farmers with vital agricultural information and advisory services. The platform also connects farmers to other necessary resources and tools to scale their operations. Essentially, the company is building the “Amazon” for African farmers.

Farmerline’s commitment to community impacts is evident in its efforts to build resilient and thriving farming communities. By providing smallholder farmers with timely and relevant information as well as market access, the company is helping to increase crop yields and improve overall farm productivity in Africa.

Winich Farms

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Winich Farms is a distinguished agricultural enterprise that embodies the fusion of traditional farm logistics with cutting-edge innovation. The company integrates traditional agricultural product distribution processes with innovative solutions to facilitate the seamless delivery of farm products from producers to processors.

Primarily, Winich Farms operates a digital marketplace where farmers and informal processors/retailers deal directly without the activities of intermediaries. There the two parties can agree on the trade and also arrange for the logistics and delivery.

Winich Farms remains dedicated to developing a seamless agricultural supply chain in West Africa and facilitating the easy transfer of products from farms to factories. In addition, its solutions maximize profits for farmers as it gives them direct access to users of their goods.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Tradebuza is a leading trade and commerce company focusing on redefining how agricultural businesses operate in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. Tradebuza provides cutting-edge solutions that streamline trade processes, enhance efficiency, and foster business connections across borders. 

Tradebuza’s core offering is its seamless trade solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses, primarily smallholder farms and other small enterprises in the agricultural sector. The company’s platform integrates advanced technologies to facilitate secure and transparent trade transactions. 

Tradebuza empowers businesses to focus on core activities while expanding their global reach. Its solution helps companies to automate documentation processes, manage supply chain and logistics, and ensure compliance with international regulations. That way, the company is improving efficiency and providing visibility and transparency for players in the agricultural value chain. 

Thrive Agric Inc

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Thrive Agric Inc is an innovative agricultural technology company focused on building Africa’s largest network of profitable farmers. The company empowers smallholder farmers by providing them access to finance, modern farming techniques, and technology-driven solutions.

ThriveAgric operates a crowdfunding platform that connects investors and donors with farmers seeking financial support for their projects. Individuals can invest in specific agricultural projects through the platform, ranging from crop cultivation to livestock farming.

Thrive Agric Inc’s innovative model has had a profound impact on farming communities. The company is lifting smallholder farmers out of poverty and enabling them to achieve sustainable growth by facilitating access to finance and modern farming practices, 

Complete Farmer

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Accra, Ghana

Complete Farmer is a leading ag-tech company revolutionizing agricultural practices by merging technology, investment, and modern farming techniques. Complete Farmer creates opportunities for investors and farmers to participate in the agricultural value chain.

Complete Farmer operates a virtual farming platform that covers a range of services. The platform connects investors to farm projects in various regions and lets them remotely monitor and manage their farms through the platform, receiving real-time updates on progress and performance. In addition, it serves as a marketplace that connects farmers to buyers seamlessly.

Complete Farmer’s innovative approach to agribusiness through its digital farming platform is redefining the agriculture landscape, bridging the gap between investors, farmers, and buyers. By embracing technology and sustainable practices, the company empowers farmers, promotes community development, and drives positive change in the agriculture sector.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Vendease is a pioneering technology company that’s revolutionizing agricultural supply chain management in Nigeria. The company deploys innovative solutions to streamline and optimize the supply chain processes for agricultural products.

Vendease has deployed a suite of tools designed to assist restaurants and food processors to access fresh produce from farms and manage their inventories easily. Its platform gives its customers access to a large catalog of farm produce. In addition to that, the company offers additional services such as Buy Now Pay Later options and analytics to help users manage their inventory with greater efficiency.

Vendease’s commitment to supply chain efficiency drives sustainable growth in the agriculture sector. By optimizing supply chain processes, the platform reduces post-harvest losses and ensures that agricultural products reach their destinations in a timely manner, minimizing wastage and enhancing overall market stability.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Agrorite is a pioneering agricultural technology company transforming the farming landscape in West Africa through digital finance solutions and support. The company connects investors with farmers and agribusinesses.

Agrorite’s primary product is its digital investment platform that connects investors with a diverse range of agricultural projects. Through this platform, investors can browse through various farming opportunities, assess the potential returns, and make informed investment decisions.

Agrorite’s community impact is profound as it directly supports farmers and promotes sustainable agriculture. The platform enhances the farmers’ productivity and income potential by providing them with access to financing, modern techniques, and necessary inputs. Agrorite’s unique digital investment platform is a game-changer in the agricultural sector, bridging the gap between investors and farmers.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

CropIT is a revolutionary ag-tech company reimagining farming practices with innovative smart farming solutions. It harnesses digital technology to optimize agricultural processes, empowering farmers with data-driven insights, precision agriculture, and digital tools that drive efficiency and growth.

CropIT’s core offering is its suite of smart farming technology products and services. The company provides farmers access to cutting-edge tools such as IoT, sensors, drones, and satellite imaging, enabling real-time monitoring of crop health, soil moisture, and weather conditions.

CropIT’s solutions streamline farming operations from planting to harvest. Thus, it enhances yields and reduces waste. In addition, CropIT’s emphasis on sustainable practices encourages responsible land use, water conservation, and reduced use of chemical inputs.

Afrimash Company Limited

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Oyo, Nigeria

Afrimash Company Limited is a leading agri-commerce company transforming agricultural products and services distribution in Nigeria. The company employs an innovative approach to connecting farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural enthusiasts to promote productivity and efficiency in the agricultural value chain.

Afrimash’s primary product is its comprehensive online marketplace that offers a diverse range of agricultural products and services. Farmers can access quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and farming equipment all at their fingertips. Additionally, the platform serves as a bridge between buyers and farmers, facilitating trade in livestock, poultry, and other agricultural commodities.

Afrimash impact on the agricultural community is immense, particularly for farmers and agribusinesses. The company streamlines supply chains, reduces transaction costs, and offers competitive pricing through its centralized marketplace for agricultural inputs and outputs. 


Year Founded: 2012

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Mlouma is an innovative ag-tech company redefining the agricultural industry through its digital and digitization solutions. The startup offers a suite of digital services to farmers and other players in the agricultural sector.

Mlouma’s primary solution is designed to digitize elements of agricultural processes for farmers. It operates an agricultural hub where users can access real-time information on important industry factors such as price, location, product availability, and many more. In addition, its platform connects actors in the agricultural industry, making it a one-stop shop for diversified farm services.

Mlouma aims to solve the challenges farmers face in Africa through process digitization. It not only operates a web platform, but it also enables farmers to access information via SMS, USSD, and a mobile application. All these solutions are intended to simplify the farmers’ access to digital farming services and advanced solutions. 


Year Founded:2018

Location: Oyo, Nigeria

Crop2cash is an agri-commerce company focused on creating prosperity for smallholder farmers in Nigeria and across West Africa. The company provides a suite of digital services for smallholder farmers in the country with the aim of helping them improve their productivity.

Among the company’s products includes digital financial services solutions for farmers, giving them easy access to funding and building their financial identity. The company also provide tools that digitize supply chain activities for farmers, which includes weighing, quality control, and extension services, among other.

Through its solution, the company is promoting farmers’ productivity and improving food security in the country.  The company streamlines supply chains, reduces transaction costs, and provides funding access for producers. All these solutions are intended to drive positive change in the agriculture sector.

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