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9 Mobility Startups Redefining Transportation Services in West Africa

West Africa’s vibrant transport landscape is taking on a new look with the emergence of innovative startups redefining systems and operations in the sector. These companies are reshaping how people move, paving the path toward a more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected future.

From ride-sharing platforms that optimize daily commutes to electric vehicle manufacturers and parking management services, these mobility startups offer solutions that are transforming transport activities in West Africa.

Here we’ve highlighted 9 such startup companies that are revolutionizing the mobility space in West Africa.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Parkwell is a leading urban mobility startup solving public parking problems for private vehicle owners in Nigeria. The company’s services are focused on improving parking access for drivers and optimizing space usage for garage operators.

Parkwell provides its services through a digital infrastructure that matches drivers with available, safe parking spaces. The company’s mobile app provides drivers with information about nearby parking spaces, including availability, pricing, and safety features, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. The platform also lets property owners list their parking spaces for optimum use.

Parkwell’s solution bridges the gap between drivers who need convenient parking spaces and property owners looking to get the most out of their parking assets. The service addresses parking problems that sometimes lead to traffic congestion and fines on drivers for inappropriate parking. By eliminating these undesirables, Parkwell is helping to improve urban mobility. 


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Accra, Ghana

SolarTaxi is an innovative mobility startup driving the adoption of sustainable transportation in West Africa. The company develops eco-friendly transport solutions for commuters and transport service providers in the region.

SolarTaxi’s comprehensive mobility service encompasses electric vehicle development, sales, and renting. In addition to assembling its original EVs, the company redesigns and converts regular bikes into electric-powered bikes while also developing batteries to power these machines.

Moreover, the company operates an EV ride-hailing service that allows commuters to specifically request rides in electric vehicles.

SolarTaxi is redefining mobility in West Africa through its eco-friendly transport products and services. The company’s innovative approach is not only transforming transportation but also paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future for African communities.


Year Founded: 2015

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Shuttlers is a leading transportation company driving innovative change in mobility service delivery in Nigeria. The company provides efficient, convenient, and safe commuting solutions through a blend of technology and personalized services.

Shuttlers’ mobility service is tailored to individual commuters and corporate clients. The company operates a fleet of vehicles that are available for hire through a dedicated mobile application. Users can easily use the app to book rides, track their routes in real-time, and make secure cashless payments for services.

Shuttlers aims to provide exceptional service that guarantees customer satisfaction. Thanks to its dedication over the years, the company plays a crucial role in urban development and improved transport accessibility in Nigeria. By seamlessly integrating technology into their services, Shuttlers has simplified commuting, making it a convenient and reliable experience for all.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Togo

Gozem is a leading mobility startup providing easy access to transport services for commuters in West and Central Africa. The company leverages digital technology to simplify access to ride-hailing, delivery services, and other transport alternatives.

Gozem operates the self-acclaimed #1 Super app in Africa. This digital infrastructure encompasses a suite of services centered around mobility and logistics. Essentially, the app enables users to access services such as ride-hailing, parcel delivery, and other logistics operations.

Gozem’s versatile digital solution is aimed at providing top-of-the-class convenience for users requiring mobility services. Through its designs, the company ensures that users have a one-stop solution for all their mobility and logistics needs.


Year Founded: 2017

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Gokada is a leading mobility and logistics service provider leveraging technology to revolutionize access to transport services for Nigerians. The company focuses on giving Nigerians access to safe, efficient, and convenient transport services 

At the core of Gokada’s services is its user-friendly mobile application that connects commuters with professionally trained and verified motorcycle riders. The app allows users to book rides and request delivery services, track their journey in real time, and make cashless payments. 

Gokada’s fleet of well-maintained motorcycles, coupled with their efficient app, not only provides a convenient means of transportation but also significantly reduces travel and delivery time by enabling commuters to navigate congested city streets swiftly. Through its innovative solutions, Gokada plays a vital role in easing the burden on city infrastructure by helping to minimize traffic congestion. 

T40 Technologies

Year Founded:2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

T40 Technologies is a pioneering mobility and logistics services enabler. The company provides technological resources for intercity mobility and logistics services providers, helping them to streamline their operations and be more efficient.

T40’s solution is a cloud-based end-to-end transport and logistics operating system built for African intercity transportation and logistics service providers. The platform enables transport businesses to centralize and automate their processes.

By digitizing and optimizing the operational workflows, T40 enhances the reliability and punctuality of intercity transportation services. Moreover, the company promotes efficient route planning, which helps to maximize transport resources. All of T40’s solutions contribute to making transportation more efficient and sustainable. 


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Nigeria

Treepz is an innovative startup company redefining commuting and shared mobility in Africa. It leverages digital technology to provide commuters with easy access to ride-sharing services.

At the core of Treepz’s offerings is a robust car-sharing platform that connects vehicle owners with individuals and businesses seeking temporary transportation solutions. The company’s offering also incorporates a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles, ranging from compact cars to spacious vans for all client classes and needs.

Treepz is simplifying transportation for individuals and businesses through its efficient car-sharing platform. The company also promotes sustainable commuting by helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thereby reducing traffic congestion and decreasing demand for parking spaces. That way, it makes urban areas more accessible and less crowded. 


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Nigeria

Moove is a pioneering mobility-fintech startup redefining vehicle ownership for individuals and corporate ride-hailing service providers. The company enables Qualified transport service providers to access the primary facilities they need to offer their services.

Moove operates a subscription service that provides ride-hailing drivers with access to well-maintained vehicles. Drivers can obtain vehicles on credit and subscribe to a flexible repayment plan. Moove’s subscription service covers all the necessary expenses, including regular maintenance, insurance, and 24/7 support.

Moove’s primary objective is to empower aspiring ride-hailing entrepreneurs, particularly in emerging markets, by eliminating the barriers to vehicle ownership. Through its innovative vehicle financing solution, Moove not only enhances their livelihoods but also elevates the quality of ride-hailing services for passengers, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for all.

Wahu Mobility Ltd.

Year Founded: 2022

Location: Accra, Ghana

Wahu Mobility Ltd is a trailblazing e-mobility startup redefining transport systems in Ghana. The company deploys innovative transport solutions designed to make commuting more accessible, affordable, and sustainable for road users. 

Wahu Mobility operates an e-mobility platform connecting drivers, passengers, and goods seamlessly. Through this platform, users can easily find transportation options, whether it’s a ride to a specific destination or a service to deliver goods. 

But that’s not all, Wahu Mobility also develops electric vehicles, highlighting its commitment to embracing sustainable transportation. This dual approach—providing a digital platform for efficient transportation solutions and manufacturing electric vehicles—positions Wahu Mobility as a leading player in the sustainable mobility landscape.

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