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12 Southern African Proptech Startups Transforming Property Management and Investment To Watch

With the influx of digital technology making it easy to find and get almost anything online, a large percentage of individuals are choosing to begin their real estate search and investment journey online. This shows how technology and the internet are revolutionizing how people interact in and with the real estate industry across Southern Africa.

But while the demand for digital real estate and property management services is on the increase in the Southern African region, only a number of startups are rising to the challenge. Instead, seasoned real estate companies that have been in the industry for decades continue to lap up the majority of the demand.

Regardless, there are a few remarkable startup companies defying the odds and standing out with innovative prop-tech solutions. Here, we’ll explore these companies and their innovative approaches, redefining real estate and property management operations in the Southern African Region.


Year Founded: 2018

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

DigsConnect is a dynamic prop-tech company reshaping the student accommodation subsector of the South African real estate industry. The company implements a unique solution that combines technology and community to provide tailored housing solutions for university and college students. 

DigsConnect operates a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the process of finding and securing suitable student accommodation. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms to match students with housing options that align with their budget, location, and lifestyle requirements. Additionally, the platform facilitates communication between students and landlords, streamlining the rental process and fostering a sense of community among users.

DigsConnect’s primary focus is on creating an ecosystem that caters specifically to the needs and preferences of students, ensuring they find the perfect place to live during their academic journey. Thus, it helps to alleviate the stress associated with finding a suitable place to live during college years, helping students focus on the more important things for their education.

Flow Living

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Flow Living is a revolutionary property marketing company leveraging technology to drive sales for real estate assets and increase profitability for landlords. The company automates digital marketing strategies to provide high volumes of quality property leads and brand building for property owners.

Flow Living’s solutions include a series of digital marketing services designed to improve visibility for property owners and connect them with prospective buyers or tenants. The company channels these services through its SaaS-driven platform, which helps clients to maximize their ad options. Plus, It also connects landlords to tenants in addition to automating social media marketing avenues for them.

Flow Living’s solution is enabling landlords, property owners and real estate agents to maximize digital technology for improved visibility and sales. Through its SaaS-driven solutions, the startup is also improving access to property ownership for buyers. Essentially, the company is promoting greater connectivity between buyers and sellers in the real estate industry.


Year Founded: 2014

Location: Capetown, South Africa

RedRabbit is a leading software development company transforming property management practices and processes in Southern Africa. The company deploys innovative and intuitive digital solutions to assist homeowners in efficiently overseeing their assets and building management.

RedRabbit operates an intelligent property inspection and maintenance management software. The platform enables inspectors to record, review, report, and initiate repairs of properties. Primarily, the solution streamlines property inspection processes, eliminating repetitive tasks and time-wasting activities.

The company’s solution allows for concise and clear capturing of the asset conditions in real-time. It also promotes transparency since reports are generated and recorded immediately, minimizing room for subjectivity. Overall, RedRabbit is helping property managers achieve greater efficiency, clarity and accuracy in their activities.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Crowdprop is an innovative real estate investment facilitator pioneering a transformative property investment model in Southern Africa. The company breaks properties into shares, which interested investors can buy to own stakes in assets, thus fostering joint property ownership.

The company operates a groundbreaking platform that enables fractional ownership and crowdfunding for real estate assets. Through the platform, the company divides property ownership into smaller, manageable shares, enabling investors to pool resources and collectively own premium assets.

Crowdprop makes property investment simpler and more affordable for individuals regardless of their financial background or expertise. By allowing a wider cross-section of individuals to participate in real estate investment, the company promotes financial inclusivity and education in the sector.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Preferental is a pioneering company redefining property management for landlords and real estate owners in Southern Africa. The company deploys solutions that streamline property management processes for asset caretakers and foster harmonious tenant-landlord relationships.

Preferental operates a digital platform designed to enable property owners and landlords to better manage their properties. The platform empowers users to oversee various aspects of property management, from rent collection and maintenance requests to communication with tenants.

By harnessing the power of technology, Preferental’s platform enables property owners to manage their properties effortlessly while also providing incentives for tenants to adhere to property rules, creating a win-win situation for both sides.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MortgageMe is a revolutionary real estate and property investment finance facilitator that improves home loan access for South Africans. The company connects potential buyers with available home loan options that suit their preferences and needs.

MortgageMe acts as an aggregator of home loans from South Africa’s largest registered bond originators. Through its digital platform, it enables finance seekers to easily and quickly apply for home loans, streamlining unnecessary paperwork and loan-filling processes. The platform then automatically sends the application to the various loan providers, giving the clients access to a wide range of home loan options.

MortgageMe is democratizing access to home financing by streamlining loan application processes and exposing finance seekers to a variety of options. The company also guides first-time home buyers through the application and real estate procurement process, which may be somewhat complex for them on their first attempt.

Property Inspect

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Property Inspect is an innovative software development company redefining accommodation and home management experiences for South Africans. The company leverages digital technology to improve asset operation and management for real estate property owners. 

Property Inspect develops and deploys tools designed to streamline home inspection processes and enhance transparency for homeowners. The company primarily operates a digital platform that property managers, inspectors, and real estate agents can use to easily examine assets and ensure compliance.

Property Inspect’s software solutions are aimed at streamlining processes in the real estate industry. With a focus on user-friendly technology and expert support, the company provides one-stop solutions for all property management and administration needs.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

WeconnectU is a forward-thinking prop-tech startup revolutionizing property portfolio management approaches. The company offers a suite of cutting-edge property management solutions designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of property management.

WeconnectU operates an all-in-one property management infrastructure. This comprehensive platform incorporates community and rental asset management functionalities, providing property owners and managers with the tools they need to handle a wide range of tasks.

WeconnectU offers property owners and managers a comprehensive solution that simplifies operations and enhances their ability to provide exceptional experiences to tenants and residents. In essence, the company’s solution is transforming property management and elevating standards of quality and convenience within the real estate industry.

Revo Property

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Revo Property, formerly known as Evo Property, is a holistic prop-tech company revolutionizing real-estate service delivery with a technology-driven approach. The business provides turnkey property services to clients across South Africa and abroad.

Revo Property’s distinctive value lies in its vertically integrated approach to real estate operations. Rather than focusing solely on sales, the company has diversified its services to include a comprehensive suite of offerings such as sales and asset management, short-stay management, facilities management, and broader real estate services. Essentially, it offers clients a one-stop solution for all their property needs.

Revo Property’s approach ensures that clients have a single point of contact for a range of real estate services. The company began as a response to an unmet market need but has since evolved into a unique platform that not only fills the service gap but also provides clients with a personalized and streamlined experience comparable to private banking.


Year Founded: 2012

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

PropertyWheel is a dynamic real-estate information provider dedicated to helping Africans find premium information about the real estate industry. Recognizing the need for real-time and accurate property data, PropertyWheel is transforming the real estate industry with its innovative approach to information exchange.

PropertyWheel operates a cutting-edge platform designed to provide a centralized hub for real estate information. Through the platform, the company offers a range of services, including real-time property news, a listing portal, market analysis reports, and insights into property trends.

PropertyWheel’s innovation reverberates throughout the real estate ecosystem in Southern Africa. The company helps professionals gain a competitive edge with access to real-time property data, enabling them to provide clients with accurate market insights and advice. Additionally, consumers benefit from a more transparent and efficient property search process, ultimately leading to more confident and satisfying real estate transactions.


Year Founded: 2015

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Leadhome is a revolutionary real estate agency that is transforming property exchange and investment processes in Southern Africa. The company leverages technology to facilitate seamless real estate asset investment and ownership transfers.

Leadhome operates a user-friendly digital platform that empowers users with tools and insights that streamline real estate transactions. Whether someone is looking to find their dream home, sell their property, or purchase an investment, Leadhome’s platform is a one-stop shop for whatever all their property needs.

Leadhome’s unique impact is a product of its commitment to leveraging technology to simplify and enhance every step of the real estate journey, from property valuation to buying and selling. The combination of expert guidance and innovative technology positions Leadhome as a game-changer within the real estate industry, reshaping the way properties are managed.


Year Founded: 2009

Location: South Africa

Imfuna is a revolutionary prop-tech company redefining property inspection and management practices through innovative approaches. The company utilizes advanced technology solutions to streamline asset administration processes for property professionals and stakeholders.

IMfuna operates a cutting-edge platform designed to simplify property inspections and management tasks. Its products include a suite of mobile apps that enable property professionals to conduct comprehensive inspections, capturing details through photos, videos, and notes.

Imfuna’s solutions are improving efficiency for players in the real estate industry. The company’s platform reduces paperwork and administrative overhead, allowing more time to be dedicated to strategic decision-making and client interactions. Moreover, the accessibility of detailed property reports enhances transparency and communication.

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