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The Gateway to Africa's Startup Ecosystem

Issue #90: GoMetro raises $11.4 million series A funding, Kenyan Amini secures $4 million seed while TomorrowNow secures $5 million for Project Osiris

Several notable activities took place during the past week, similar to the previous week. Specifically, six funding rounds occurred. GoMtro had the highest funding round, securing $11.4 million, Amini also raised $4 million, TomorrowNow obtained $5 million for Project Osiris, while Cynoia secured $933,000 for its expansion plans.



Funding round: Seed ($4 Million) 

Investors: Salesforce Ventures, Female Founders Fund, Satgana, Pale Blue Dot, Superorganism.

Founded: Kenya

Founders: Kate Kallot

Products: Amiri operates a platform that collects data from satellites and integrates them with datasets to provide insights on biodiversity, soil or crop health for farmers. Its solutions can also be used to track farming progress and practices.

What Next? : Fueled by the capital injection, the startup aims to transform supply chains and build solutions that will make brands more accountable and do what’s right for the people, environment and planet. 


Funding round: Series A ($11.4Million)

InvestorsZenobē Energy, Futuregrowth, ESquared Ventures, Kalon Venture Partners, Greg Fury

Founded: 2014. South Africa

Founders: Justin Coetzee

Products: GoMetro operates a Software as a Service (SaaS) fleet management technology platform. Its flagship product, Bridge, functions as a telemetry and data aggregator for diverse vehicles, regardless of make or model. The platform consolidates relevant data, allowing fleet managers to access and analyze information without being constrained by disparate telematics systems.

What Next? : The funding will be used to bolster the startup’s operations in the U.K., Europe, and South Africa. It also plans to expand into the U.S., Latin America, Australia, and possibly the Middle East.


Funding round: ($933,000)

Investors: 216 Capital, UGFS-NA, Bpifrance

Founded: 2022, Tunisia

Founders: Nasreddine Riahi, Ayoub Rabeh

Products: Cynoia operates a SaaS solutions platform designed to enable B2B companies to achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability in their operations. The platform improves collaboration integration and streamlines communication, thereby improving results.

What Next? : Fueled by the funding, Cynoia aims to commence action on its expansion plans to bring its product into international markets.

Twiga Foods

Funding round: Undisclosed

InvestorsCreadev, Juven, TLcom Capital Partners, and DOB Equity

Founded: 2013, Kenya

Founders: Peter Njonjo

Products: Twiga Foods operates a mobile-based B2B food supply platform that sources products directly from farmers and delivers them to distributors and consumers.

What Next? : The company is currently working on offsetting its outstanding dues to its suppliers after paying off Incentro’s debt claim. It also plans to further expand its operations across Africa.


Funding round:  $5 million

Investors: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Founded: 2019

Founders: Philip Frost

Products: TomorrowNow is the company behind Project Osiris, a strategic initiative aimed at augmenting the value, adoption, and long-term sustainability of localized weather forecasts and historical climate data sets designed to empower the Small-Scale Producer (SSP) ecosystem in Africa. 

What Next? : With the capital infusion, TomorrowNow is set to scale up its flagship program, Osiris, to harness the potential of next-generation weather and climate data services tailored for the African continent.


Funding round: Undisclosed

Investors: 216 Capital 

Founded:  2019, Tunisia

Founders: Amjed Bouhouch, Walid Mzoughi

Products: Winshot operates an operations management app for retail companies to help streamline their operations, communications and collaborations across several units by consolidating every activity in one place.What Next? : Winshot aims to tackle the intricate challenges of retail distribution networks by fostering stronger connections, deeper involvement, and heightened engagement among internal teams operating both in the field and at the point of sale. With the capital infusion, it aims to further improve its offerings and products to clients.

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