GITEX Africa: A Memorable Conclusion to the Inaugural Conference in Marrakech

The inaugural edition of GITEX Africa, held in Marrakech, Morocco from May 31 to June 2, 2023, concluded with resounding success. The three-day event showcased a multitude of technological innovations, inspiring speakers, and groundbreaking advancements, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The second day of the conference was particularly noteworthy, featuring a series of digital summits, keynote speeches, and focused discussions on topics such as fintech, cybersecurity, telecommunications, 5G, and more. The day provided a platform for industry experts, investors, and startups to engage in meaningful conversations and explore opportunities for collaboration.

GITEX Africa boasted an impressive lineup of 900 tech companies and startups, all eager to exhibit their cutting-edge products and services. The event served as a melting pot of brilliance and breakthroughs, captivating the attention of over 30 government delegations, 250 global investors, and 250 international speakers. This substantial participation demonstrated the growing significance of technology in shaping the African landscape. The event attracted tens of thousands of technology executives from more than 100 countries, signifying the birth of a new era in the African tech scene.

The GITEX Africa Supernova Challenge, the largest pitch competition in Africa, crowned Proxgy as the winner. Their remarkable achievement earned them a well-deserved reward of $60,000. Congratulations to Proxgy for their success and for exemplifying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Another standout participant in the competition was Nearpays, who secured the winner’s position in the Fintech & Blockchain category and received a prize of $10,000. Their exceptional performance highlights their dedication to advancing the fintech industry.

GITEX Africa provided a platform for startups to showcase their outstanding achievements and celebrate their remarkable journeys. It encouraged continued innovation, inspiration, and shaping of the future of technology in Africa.

Overall, GITEX Africa was a landmark event that celebrated the rapid growth and potential of technology in Africa. It brought together industry leaders, investors, and startups from around the world, fostering collaboration and driving the digital transformation of the continent. The event marked a significant milestone in the African tech ecosystem and showcased Marrakech, Morocco, as an emerging hub for technological innovation.

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