12 West-African Logistics Startups Streamlining Supply Chains To Watch

West Africa is one of the biggest hubs of technological innovations in Africa. But its logistics sector is facing a number of challenges, including poor infrastructure, inefficient processes, and high costs. However, several startups are emerging to address these challenges and streamline supply chain operations in the region.

These startups are using technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency in the supply chain. They are also connecting businesses with the right logistics partners, providing real-time tracking of shipments, and offering innovative financing solutions.

In this blog post, we will take a look at 12 West African logistics startups that are making a difference. These startups are using a variety of technologies to disrupt the traditional logistics industry and create a more efficient and cost-effective way to move goods around the region.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

TruQ is a leading technology company facilitating seamless logistics delivery in West Africa. The startup utilizes digital technology to connect anyone with moving needs to the closest available vehicle.

TruQ’s solutions bridge the gap between individuals requiring moving services and the nearest available vehicles. It operates a digital platform where cargo owners needing transport services can place requests and get matched with the closest available transporter who meets their requirements — essentially operating like a ride-sharing platform but for freight transport.

TruQ is driving a profound revolution in the logistics industry and for its users. The company’s technology-driven approach simplifies access to logistics services for consumers and increases visibility for transporters, effectively taking away stress and unnecessary excesses for both sides. 

Jetstream Africa

Year Founded: 2018

Location: Tema, Ghana

Jetstream Africa is a leading supply chain services provider redefining logistics management and coordination. The company leverages digital innovation to enable Africans to quickly finance, manage and monitor their regional supply chains.

Jetstream Africa focuses on optimizing supply chain operations and streamlining logistics processes. It operates a digital infrastructure serving as a marketplace for freight transport service providers and consumers with the goal of helping businesses expand across borders. 

Jetstream Africa is paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient logistics landscape in Africa with its advanced logistics technology. The company is focused on unlocking new opportunities for businesses and facilitating economic growth throughout the continent.

OnePort 365

Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

OnePort 365 is a B2B digital freight forwarding company driving innovative improvements in logistics operations across Nigeria. The company provides optimal freight solutions to traders helping them meet their supply requirements in due time.

Oneport operates a collaborative real-time freight forwarding platform through which consignees manage cargo movement originating from Africa or with Africa as a destination. The full suite of solutions accessible via the platform includes trucking, shipping, and warehousing; at competitive rates, all powered by tech.

Oneport’s data-driven solution also facilitates competitive live quotes and ETAs, end-to-end supply chain vendors booking, complete documentation online, marine insurance, customs clearance and freight progress tracking.

The company aims to foster seamless global trade for African industries. Thus, Oneport connects businesses to global markets on the sails of an all-inclusive freight forwarding platform powered by cutting-edge technology.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Terminal is an innovative software company that simplifies global shipping and product delivery for individuals across Africa. The company is dedicated to bridging geographical gaps and overcoming logistical challenges to help Africans seamlessly engage in international trade and commerce.

Terminal’s offerings include a suite of intuitive software solutions designed to streamline shipping activities for businesses and individuals. Through its user-friendly platform, Terminal enables Africans to effortlessly navigate complex logistics, from placing orders to tracking shipments and managing customs requirements.

Terminal is democratizing access to international shipping and trade. The company creates avenues for African entrepreneurs, artisans, and businesses to expand their reach and access global markets through its solutions.


Year Founded: 2016

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Paps is a technology-driven transportation company redefining logistics operations with its end-to-end services. The company stands as a dynamic and versatile logistics partner, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses operating in both traditional offline and modern online spaces.

Paps offers a suite of interconnected logistics solutions designed to cater to a wide spectrum of business needs. Its solutions effectively bridge the gap between physical and digital logistics operations. 

The company’s advanced technology platform allows businesses to effortlessly navigate the complexities of the logistics landscape with features such as real-time tracking, inventory management, and route optimization.

Paps’ innovative approach to logistics helps to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize delays for operators. Thus, it ultimately contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Haul247 is a revolutionary logistics company bridging the gap between businesses and essential haulage and warehousing assets within a unified ecosystem. The company stands at the forefront of innovation with its revolutionary end-to-end logistics tech PaaS platform.

Haul247 operates a sophisticated PaaS infrastructure designed to serve as a one-stop hub for users’ logistics needs. Through this platform, businesses can efficiently connect with a network of haulage and warehousing partners, facilitating the seamless movement of goods from production sites to consumer markets. The PaaS infrastructure also offers real-time functionality that enables businesses to monitor shipments, track inventory, and make data-driven decisions for improved logistics planning.

Haul247’s innovative approach simplifies the logistics process and connects businesses to vital assets. That way, the company helps clients to reduce inefficiencies, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation. This, in turn, translates into cost savings and improved delivery timelines, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yobante Express

Year Founded: 2018

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Yobante Express is a leading logistics technology company redefining cargo transportation and parcel delivery in Africa. The company operates a dynamic network of relay points to efficiently transport cargo from one point to another until it reaches its final destination.

Central to Yobante Express’s offerings is its reliable and user-friendly platform that facilitates its efficient cargo transportation process. The platform enables businesses and individuals to seamlessly connect with a vast network of independent couriers who will handle point-to-point deliveries repeatedly until the package gets to its final destination.

With Yobante Express, customers benefit from real-time tracking and notifications, ensuring full visibility of their shipments throughout the journey. The company’s digital solution also offers convenient online booking options, allowing users to schedule and manage deliveries easily.

With an excellent track record in efficient package handling and delivery, Yobante Express guarantees customers’ items are cared for and delivered promptly.


Year Founded: 2019

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

MVX is a digital freight forwarding company leveraging innovative solutions to connect businesses to air and sea freight transport services globally. The company goes the extra mile, transcending traditional barriers to help businesses efficiently navigate the complexities of international shipping.

MVX’s offerings encompass an array of comprehensive services designed to streamline freight forwarding processes. It operates a digital platform which provides businesses with the tools to not only select the most suitable air and sea freight forwarders but also access a suite of value-added solutions. These offerings include freight financing and tracking, empowering businesses with the financial flexibility to optimize their supply chains.

MVX democratizes access to global trade opportunities, particularly benefiting businesses seeking growth in emerging markets. The inclusion of freight financing addresses a significant pain point for many businesses, unlocking capital and fostering economic expansion.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Chargel is an innovative logistics operations facilitator driving transformative change in trucking operations and service delivery. The company helps trucking companies digitize their operations when moving from traditional offline operations to online service delivery.

Chargel provides a robust digital platform where truckers can offer their services to businesses at competitive prices. The platform essentially serves as a marketplace for connecting cargo owners and transporters.

Chargel’s solution is reshaping traditional trucking operations. The company’s innovative approach enhances not only the matching process but also critical aspects such as payments, fuel management, and insurance. By transitioning traditional trucking operations online, Chargel enhances the overall efficiency of freight transportation, reducing delays and minimizing disruptions.


Year Founded: 2017

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Figorr, formerly known as Gricd, is an Internet of Things company facilitating the last-mile delivery of temperature-controlled products. The company provides cold chain solutions to ensure that perishable agricultural outputs, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive health care items such as insulin reach end users in optimal condition.

In addition, Figorr’s cold chain delivery solution helps clients avoid losses by providing vital information such as the location, humidity, and temperature conditions of perishable items. The startup also works with insurance companies to provide easy access to insurance options for their clients, thereby helping to reduce risks.

By leveraging technology, the company has developed a portfolio of products that extend the shelf life of perishable goods and maintain their quality throughout the supply chain. By providing farmers and food producers with the tools to preserve and transport their products effectively, Figorr plays a pivotal role in reducing post-harvest losses and increasing the availability of nutritious food.

Fez Delivery

Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Fez Delivery is a technology-driven company that’s improving accessibility to last-mile logistics services for businesses in Africa. The startup aims to create a synergy within the highly fragmented delivery ecosystem in Nigeria through innovation and technology.

The company facilitates its services through a network of delivery agents, dispatch riders, courier services and digital infrastructure. Customers can make requests for transport services via the platform, which then connects them with the nearest available operator, who will then handle the rest of the delivery process.

The platform also includes additional functionalities like real-time tracking and delivery management, letting clients stay abreast of the delivery progress every step of the way.

Fez Delivery is committed to fixing the peculiar problems plaguing Nigeria’s logistics industry. The company provides a nationwide reach, flexible pricing and real-time feedback to customers. Through its solution, it provides high-level value for cargo owners at affordable pricing.

Tozo Cargo

Year Founded: 2020

Location: Lome, Togo

Togo Cargo, Inc. is a tech logistics company revolutionizing logistics and supply chain operations in Togo. The startup specializes in logistics and delivery services across all transportation channels.

Togo Cargo offers a unique blend of services designed to streamline transportation and delivery operations. The company’s services span a wide spectrum, from warehousing and inventory management to order fulfillment and shipping. Eazy Chain’s advanced tracking systems form a cornerstone of its offerings, providing real-time visibility and updates for shipments.

Togo Cargo’s use of cutting-edge technology to enhance the logistics process sets it apart as an indispensable partner for businesses navigating the fast-paced world of technology-enabled supply chains.

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