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The Gateway to Africa's Startup Ecosystem

Funding and Grant Opportunities for Startups in Africa – Week 31

If you are an African startup founder looking to grow your business, you should look into these program. From accelerator program and cash prizes to mentorship and technical support, each initiative in this issue provides unique benefits that could help your business grow.

TECA Africa Blue Wave (Funding for African Innovators)

The Africa Blue Wave is an exciting initiative championing the fusion of cutting-edge tech innovations with traditional African maritime practices. The initiative aims to foster the development of an environment where nature and society can easily co-flourish.

The initiative is powered by FSD Africa and the Canadian government in partnership with IUCN and Mission Inclusion, building on TECA’s expertise in blue innovations. It seeks to support high-potential individuals and companies who demonstrate a passion for addressing climate issues.

To be eligible, interested individuals must demonstrate a passion for climate and environmental conservation. Ideally, candidates should be fintech solutions providers interested in climate-focused initiatives and seeking investors and/or teammates for their projects.

Benefits: Access to investment opportunities, strategic support, and a valuable network. 

Application Deadline:  November 15, 2023

Apply for the TECA Africa Blue Wave Funding Here

South Pole and D-RECs Initiative

South Pole is a leading global carbon project developer and climate solutions provider that connects energy projects to buyers globally.  The company has unveiled a new initiative via the Distributed Renewable Energy Certificates (D-Rec) awarded to renewable energy providers and distributors globally. 

The initiative is intended to provide funding support for companies operating solar PV projects in Ghana.

Benefits: Support in registering and connecting to the D-Rec platform, strategic support in generating additional revenues on projects, and a valuable network. 

Application Deadline:  December 31, 2023

Apply to the South Pole and D-RECs Initiative Here

Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) South Africa

The Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) is a UK-funded technical assistance program that provides financial access for climate-smart projects. The CFA operates in ten countries, bringing together key actors in the climate finance investment chain to create a pipeline of ‘investment-ready’ low-carbon projects. 

CFA South Africa seeks to support climate projects in the country to improve their bankability and appeal to financiers.

Benefits: Access to investors, coaching and capacity building, networking opportunities, and increased visibility benefits for participating companies. 

Application Deadline:  November 17, 2023

Apply to participate in Climate Finance Accelerator Here

Hanga Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Program for African Tech Startups ($30,000 Grant Funding)

The Hanga Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Program is an initiative of the Rwandan Government hosted through the HangaPitchFest event to empower tech startups solving key issues related to sexual and reproductive healthcare.

The initiative seeks to provide technical and business support to 20  startups in Sub-Saharan Africa working on innovative tech-enabled solutions that address challenges in SRH care provision.

Eligible participants must present a tech-enabled SRH solution or have the potential to scale through technology.  In addition, they must be operating within sub-Saharan Africa.

Benefits: Grant funding of up to $30,000, coaching and capacity building, and bespoke support from SRH experts of a period of 9 months for eligible startups. 

Application Deadline: November 15th, 2023

Apply to the  Hanga Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Program Here

RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP)

The RIoT Accelerator Program is a 12-week high-touch training cohort for startups across the IoT technology ecosystem. The program aims to increase the impact of traditional business development resources by connecting startups with an industry consortium of more than 90 companies across the IoT technology stack to learn, partner, and bring their products to market.

The RIoT Accelerator Program facilitates entrepreneurial processes for startup companies, from commercialization to startup growth to corporate innovation project research.

Only early-stage startups are eligible to participate in the accelerator program. Being sector-agnostic, the application is open to all startups regardless of their product. 

Benefits: Coaching and capacity building, and support and networking avenues with a consortium of more than 90 companies for eligible startups. 

Application Deadline: December 15th, 2023

Apply to the RIoT Accelerator Program Here

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