9 Mobility Startups Disrupting Transportation Services in East Africa

The transportation landscape in East Africa is experiencing a significant transformation. The region is witnessing a surge in innovative mobility startups that are disrupting traditional transportation services.

These startups are not only transforming how people move within cities but are also addressing the unique challenges faced by the region while promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly transportation systems.

Here, we’ve identified nine notable mobility startups that are leading the way in reshaping transportation services in East Africa.


Year Founded:2021

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

BasiGo is an innovative mobility startup developing transformative public transportation solutions in East Africa. The company uses innovative technology to promote clean transportation in the region.

BasiGo’s innovative solutions include state-of-the-art electric buses aimed at promoting sustainable and cheaper public transport. The company also operates a Pay-As-You-Drive financing solution. This unique model allows transit agencies and organizations to adopt electric buses without shouldering a high upfront cost.

BasiGo’s innovative solutions are making the transition to cleaner transport options significantly more accessible for Africans. The company empowers cities and communities to embrace green transportation, thereby reducing carbon emissions and fostering a healthier environment.


Year Founded:2018

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Fleetsimplify is a leading technology startup redefining mobility in East Africa. The company provides comprehensive digital solutions to simplify transport operations and services for businesses and individuals. 

Fleetsimplify operates a mobility-as-a-service platform through which it offers curated mobility solutions to businesses and individual commuters. The platform offers a  plethora of services, including ride-hailing options, on-demand drivers, garages for repairs and maintenance, vehicle insurance, and road assistance. 

Fleetsimplify aims to provide a seamless integration of multiple transport services into a unified, user-friendly platform. This solution facilitates easy access to transport-related services, thereby enhancing overall mobility for communities. Moreover, it contributes to operational efficiencies and cost savings for businesses through its efficient fleet management functionalities.



Year Founded: 2015

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Ampersand is a technology company pioneering the development of sustainable transport solutions in Africa. Ampersand is contributing to the development of electronic mobility in Africa by creating infrastructures that support it.

Ampersand specializes in assembling electric motorcycles, which it offers at affordable, upfront costs for ride-hailing service providers. Aside from its technological breakthroughs, the company also offers innovative financing models aimed at enabling individuals and businesses to embrace electric mobility even if they can’t afford a hefty upfront cost to purchase electric vehicles. 

Ampersand is transforming how people commute while fostering environmental conservation across East Africa. Moreover, its affordable and efficient electric transportation solutions help to catalyze economic growth by creating employment opportunities for locals.


Year Founded:2017

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Formerly Opibus, Roam is an innovative startup focused on promoting sustainable and affordable transport options in Africa.

Roam develops and deploys electric vehicles tailored for the African continent. Among its popular products is the Roam Air, an electricity-powered motorcycle. The company also has multiple EV bus models and other EV support solutions, all specifically tailored to the African market.

Roam’s electric vehicles provide an eco-friendly transportation alternative for Africans. In addition, it fosters transport system development in local communities by offering affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient transportation solutions. Overall, Roam’s holistic approach is transforming the way people travel while also advancing environmental conservation and economic growth in Africa.


Year Founded:2018

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Zembo is a mobility technology startup focused on advancing the future of sustainable transportation in East Africa. The company develops innovation-backed solutions aimed at improving accessibility to more efficient and environment-friendly transport options in Africa.

Zembo develops electric vehicles designed primarily for commercial transport service providers in Uganda. In addition to that, it operates a network of solar charging and battery swapping stations across Uganda, ensuring convenient access to renewable energy sources for its EVs. To make its solutions easily accessible and affordable, the company operates a lease-to-own model. That way, it eliminates the financial barrier to entry for many individuals.

Zembo’s solutions are aimed at making electric vehicles accessible to a broader population, especially to motorcycle taxi operators in Uganda. That way, the company contributes substantially to environmental conservation efforts in the country.


Year Founded: 2021

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

eWaka is a mobility startup company driving the development of sustainable transport systems in Africa. eWaka harnesses electric micromobility systems to foster sustainable transportation and enhance mobility efficiency. 

eWaka operates a digital fleet management platform for commuter and commercial electric micro-mobility fleets. However, the company’s primary products, electric scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles, are practical and efficient alternatives to traditional vehicles. 

Through its commuter and commercial electric micromobility products and services, eWaka provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution for urban commuting while addressing the unique transportation challenges faced by many African cities.

Mobility for Africa

Year Founded: 2018

Location: Harare, Harare

Mobility for Africa is an innovative mobility startup developing tech-backed transportation solutions for East Africans. The company leverages technological know-how and manufacturing skills to drive the e-mobility revolution in the region. 

Mobility for Africa designs and manufactures specially adapted vehicles, such as solar-powered tricycles and small electric cars for people living in rural areas. The vehicles are designed to assist users in navigating challenging terrains and meet the specific needs peculiar to rural living. 

Mobility for Africa’s solutions not only offer mobility to individuals who previously had limited access but also present economic opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish small-scale businesses such as mobile market stalls or delivery services. Moreover, by incorporating renewable energy solutions into their vehicles, Mobility for Africa contributes to environmental conservation efforts. 


Year Founded:2018

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Safeboda is a leading ride-hailing service provider committed to providing safe and reliable commuting services to Africans. The company prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of its clients and goes the extra mile to achieve it.

Safeboda operates a digital platform through which it connects commuters with verified motorcycle transport service providers. The platform essentially provides a convenient avenue for passengers to get their transportation needs taken care of. The platform also facilitates cashless transactions, making it easier for passengers to pay for services.

SafeBoda’s solution is simplifying the commuting experience for individuals while also helping address traffic-related issues in urban areas. In essence, SafeBoda’s holistic approach to ride-hailing positively influences urban mobility, road safety, and financial accessibility, making significant strides toward creating safer and more connected communities.


Year Founded: 2020

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Kiri EV LTD is an innovative startup developing environmentally friendly transport solutions for commuters in Africa. The company aims to transform transportation in Africa by providing affordable, efficient, and sustainable mobility infrastructures.

Kiri EV LTD develops electric vehicles. Over the years of its operations, the company has rolled out a diverse range of electric vehicles, each specifically designed to cater to various transportation needs. In addition to that, the company also creates charging systems, making it easy for EV owners to fuel their vehicles.

Kiri EV LTD has established an ecosystem encompassing affordable electric vehicles and accessible charging infrastructure. Through it, the company facilitates the widespread adoption of clean energy transportation in Kenya.

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